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We are Thin Line Outfitters, located just outside La Crosse, WI, providing easy access for customers in WI, MN, and IA. Our goal is to provide you, our partner, with the highest-quality upfits for your mobile office. At Thin Line, we specialize in upfitting public safety, EMS, public utility vehicles and fire apparatus. Our mission is to equip your mobile workspace with the necessary equipment to perform jobs safely and efficiently.


Thin Line Outfitters is the go-to company of Western Wisconsin for upfitting public safety, emergency and utility vehicles. We take pride in equipping professionals with the best equipment to help them perform their jobs effectively. Thin Line can upfit everything from police cars to fire trucks, ambulances, boats, UTVs and more. You can trust Thin Line Outfitters to provide the installation expertise to keep your mobile office working 24/7.


We have deep access to all product lines, and our installers are experienced in installing the highest-quality equipment from manufacturers like Gamber Johnson, Setina, Havis, Pro-Guard, Whelen, Sound Off Signal, Federal Signal, and more.

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